We are two months into our first school year and have been experiencing so many wonderful books and resources in our program, In the first couple weeks of our K-2nd grade music appreciation class we enjoyed the fabulous Maestro Classics CD, Peter and the Wolf. I’ve had my eye on these narrated stories set to classical music by Maestro Classics for awhile now and couldn’t wait to get my hands on one. I was looking for a fun and meaningful way to get classical music in front of our students and this proved to be the perfect product! The Maestro Classics CDs gives students a way to learn more about composers, culture, and instruments used to create songs.

Peter and the Wolf is available as iTunes, MP3 download, and audio CD. We used the physical CD version in our class with the tri-folding case and 24-page activity booklet with activities such as a word search, crossword puzzle, instrument to animal matching, as well as a narrator and composer biography.

While the activity booklet is more conducive to individual learning, and provides more than enough activities for students to learn with, Maestro also provides a downloadable homeschool guide on their website. Many of these activities are easily used in group settings, co-ops, and schools like ours!

The students worked on Peter and the Wolf coloring pages while listening each week and enjoyed a variety of activities. We learned about the composer and talked about how the composer’s time period fits into our history timeline. Students had so much fun trying to match the instruments with the animals. Together we identified:

*Violin- Peter
*French Horn0 Wolf
*Flute- Bird
*Clarinet- Cat
*Bassoon- Duck
*Oboe- Grandfather
​*Timpani/Kettle Drums- Hunters

The Maestro Classics CD’s are a perfect supplement to your home educating materials and make a great Christmas gift as well! There are so many more stories and CD’s to enjoy! And remember, you can make a full music appreciation learning program in your home education or co-op by using the FREE  curriculum guide with music lessonsart projects and unit studies in all subjects with each of the CD’s you purchase. ​​