Athletics at The Academy have the school’s vision as their aim:

To cultivate students of wisdom and virtue.

Athletics Program

Forming virtuous habits…

In all pursuits, the Academy aims toward the rightful ordering of students’ loves and the formation of virtuous habits rather than immediately measured achievement. Therefore, our coaches look beyond a season’s statistics to the cultivation of young men and women for whom athletics is an effective means to worthy ends but not the ends themselves. In this way, we aim to equip students for balancing their athletic pursuits with other commitments and callings in ways that diverge from society’s preoccupation with sports.

The Classical Academy currently offers:

  • Cross Country for 3rd-12th grade
  • Girls Volleyball for 5th and up
  • Pickleball Club for 5th and up

The Classical Academy is an official NCAA-approved school.

If a student wants to pursue a specific sport or contend to play at the collegiate level, there are a plethora of local and regional options that individual families can pursue depending on their student’s ability level. A large number of Academy families participate in a variety of competitive sports through local sports associations, club teams, leagues, and instructors. One of our first graduates landed an athletic scholarship through a sport that was not offered here at the Academy.

The Classical Academy is an official NCAA-approved school and athletes from our school are eligible to play at the collegiate level.