ACCS Accreditation & NCAA

Association of Classical Christian Schools

ACCS Accreditation

ACCS is the oldest and largest organization dedicated to the quality and growth of classical Christian education. With hundreds of members in the U.S. and abroad, our mission is to promote, establish, and equip member schools that are committed to a classical approach to education in light of a Christian worldview.

Accreditation with Distinction

For a school to seek ACCS accreditation, it must first meet the membership requirements. The school must have a plan for serving families K–12, it must meet specific classical Christian practices, it must agree with our conservative statement of faith, and it must have been in operation for 5 years. The school must comply with ACCS standards in 5 categories: School Goals and Objectives, Classical Christian Academics, Governance and Administration, Faculty and Instructional Resources, and any state mandated requirements for private schools. A visitation team, typically of 3 administrators from other accredited ACCS schools of similar or larger size, visits the school for about 3 days. If the team observes acceptable practices and outcomes, it will grant accreditation for between 3 and 5 years at which time the process is repeated.

In 2023, the Classical Academy was awarded ACCS accreditation with distinction.

4 Facts About ACCS Accreditation


ACCS-accredited schools are set on a continuous improvement path. This helps schools continue to grow and improve even after the accreditation cycle is complete.


ACCS-accredited schools are leaders in the restoration of classical Christian schools nationally. Your school is uniquely positioned to certify teachers and participate with the ACCS in setting national standards.


Unlike some other accreditors, the ACCS will not enforce state academic standards like the Common Core. At present, 37 states have adopted the Common Core, and many more have some form of state approved standards. Many private schools pursue the same standards as the public schools. We believe classical schools can offer something better.


The ACCS is nationally recognized among the most prominent and growing private Christian associations of schools.

Division I and Division II athletics

NCAA Approved High School

The NCAA requires that all Division I and Division II incoming student-athletes are academically cleared by the NCAA Eligibility Center. For the NCAA, academic eligibility is typically determined using a combination of a student-athlete’s high school coursework and GPA.

Freshman student-athletes entering NCAA Division I and Division II programs must complete 16 units (32 semesters) of NCAA-approved high school core courses. The Classical Academy went through a year-long process to be approved as an NCAA eligible school. This means that our school meets all the course requirements that the NCAA requires for its student-athletes who pursue Division I and Division II athletics.