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Please allow yourself at least 45 minutes to complete this application. We have several questions to ensure families will be a good fit for our school. If you already have a student enrolled or have filled out this form for another student, please go here to apply for other children in your family.

After completing the application, you will hear from us within two weeks.

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The Classical Academy is a classical, Christian, university-schedule school on the northside of Indianapolis. The full five-day academic program consists of 2-3 days in the campus school classroom and the other days working at home under the tutelage of a parent. Both classrooms (campus and home) utilize one cohesive curriculum and are under the supervision of The Classical Academy and its staff.

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Please fill in the following details for each student you are submitting an application. A separate form must be submitted for each student.


Please list one personal and one spiritual reference for your child.

Application fee is $150, plus $4.80 for credit card processing fees.

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