What Parents are Saying…

“The Classical Academy is a diamond in the rough of school cultural norms. It’s intentionality and clarity of focus and vision is what sets it apart even from other classical or Christian schools around it. For our family, it combines the most important elements we desire in our children’s education and overall lifestyle. Forever thankful for the vision Rachael Oren carries for this school and our school community.”
“The culture and curriculum of the The Classical Academy have surpassed our expectations. We have no doubt our boys are mastering skills and information that would not be expected, or even presented, in other environments. They love their days on campus with classmates and teachers, while also appreciating the flexibility of the home days. The partnership and communication between Academy staff and parents is unmatched. Knowing our children are genuinely loved, as well as challenged to meet high standards, assures us of a fruitful education environment. “

“We get asked all the time why we decided to move from a public school to The Classical Academy and every year our answer to that question becomes clearer.”

We love how the staff and teachers view each student as more than an academic student. They meet you where you are, trust the classical model and know everything else will follow. They acknowledge and appreciate each and every child for their individuality and build from that. A recent progress report acknowledged not only our child’s ability to learn well, but most importantly his sensitive spirit, kind heart and how these traits are appreciated in The Classical Academy community. We continue to be thankful for a community that recognizes all the gifts that God has given our children even beyond academics.

“The gift of this school has been wonderful for our family!”

We enrolled with the hope that we would have more time with our children and more wholistic approach to their education. But just a few weeks in, we’re discovering even more blessings from The Classical Academy! We have found a caring and supportive community and have seen our son flourish in this stimulating and challenging educational environment. His laughter and absolute joy with learning has emerged once again, validating our decision to be here over and over.

“The community has been one of my favorite parts of The Academy! I get the overwhelming sense that the community is all working together to accomplish a goal- to provide a rich education for and to raise our children to know and love the Lord.”

“After our three years at The Classical Academy, we have been so impressed.”

We have been so impressed by the quality of education, the philosophy behind the classical education method, and the strong Christian focus that is intertwined into everything. We love the university scheduling that allows our family more time together and the opportunity to be a co-teacher in their education. Our kids love the strong community of friends and that their teachers are invested in their success by creating life-long learners. We love The Classical Academy!

The Classical Academy was an answer to prayer for our family after God called us out of the public school. Our family loves the unique university model that The Academy provides with the benefits of an amazing school community and extra time with our kids on the home days. The Classical Academy strives to create an environment that develops live-long learner. We are so grateful for the emphasize and importance to keep Christ in the center of all learning and that the truth from His Word is interwoven into their education.

“We have the privilege of having our son be a part of the very first graduating class.”

During his time at The Classical Academy, he has gone from a child who would not read a book report in front of us to a young man who willingly stands before hundreds of people to recite memorized passages or to speak. The most important thing that The Academy has done is to come along side us as parents to encourage him to explore for himself what he believes about Christ. He was encouraged to discover Christ for himself and to have a personal relationship with Him. He did just that and his faith has continued to grow with the teaching at home, church and school. Our son started at the school in year three of its six year history. We often say that we wish he could have been there from K-12.

What Parents are Saying…

“When it seems the whole world is trying to find new ways to reach my children and influence them this way or that, The Classical Academy and the school community as a whole is a beautiful reprieve. While it is wonderful that there are many shared values amongst the families here, it is no bubble, but a world of engagement, healthy challenge, and camaraderie as education was always meant to be.”
“The Classical Academy has been a great gift to our family as we seek to raise up our children to be wise and thoughtful followers of Christ. After five years here, we are seeing the “fruit” of the classical Christian approach: children who love to read (hooray!) and recite poetry around the dinner table (didn’t see that coming!), and most importantly, who are learning to see connections to Christ in all aspects of their education. Having a community of like-minded parents and teachers to nurture and encourage our family as we pursue a “different” way of schooling has been an abundant kindness of the Lord to us. “

“The teachers and Head of School not only know my kids by name, but love them like they are their own.”

We started at the academy mid-year when our daughter was in Pre-K and since this was her first school experience, we were both a little apprehensive, but she has LOVED it since day 1. We are so thankful for the university-schedule which allows us more time for playing outside, being with family, and spending time reading and going on family field trips. Our children are thriving and growing in wisdom, truth, knowledge, and love for others.

“I’ve seen that The Classical Academy’s students are thoughtful questioners, intelligent responders, and gracious arguers. There are probably other good schools around but The Academy addresses the head and the heart equally well, and I’m sure the students will be lifelong learners and disciples.

“The Classical Academy is such a special place for our family.”

We have been with the school, since the beginning, and it has been a joy to partner with them in our kids’ education. We have found amazing community, faculty and staff, and an education that teaches our kids to think critically and learn the truth that’s grounded in God’s Word. We are thankful to have such a safe and encouraging place for our kids to go to school and receive such a quality education!

“We look forward to seeing how the Lord continues to work at The Classical Academy in the years to come.”

We are delighted to have our children attend The Classical Academy. In a day when the world seeks to catechize our children with its own agenda, it is such a blessing to have our children at a school that seeks to partner with parents to catechize our children with the truth of the Gospel and build their education upon a Biblical foundation to prepare them to be faithful, gifted followers of the Lord Jesus Christ as they mature into adulthood and pursue their own vocations.

We love the university schedule which allows parents the opportunity to actively participate in their education while also affording us flexibility with our children during the week which we would not otherwise have with a conventional schedule. We love the teachers and staff who care deeply for our children. One of the highlights of being a part of this school is the opportunity to join the Academy during daily chapel and to witness the work that the Lord is doing. We look forward to seeing how the Lord continues to work at The Classical Academy in the years to come and to see how the Lord uses their education throughout the rest of our children’s lives.

“We deeply appreciate The Classical Academy. Because of the Academy’s university schedule, we are afforded so much more time to be with our children during the week while also reaping the benefits of rigorous lesson plans that are set for us by an excellent teaching staff.”

“The mission and values that the school is building into our kids is truly shaping them into disciples and we have been challenged and excited to learn along side of them! “

I could not be more thankful for the way we are able to have the best of both worlds in our children’s education because of this model. Not to mention, the efficiency and diligence the school puts into making my days at home truly seamless with the classical curriculum honed so well and the training and preparation beforehand that makes it really a win win situation! I did not know much about the classical curriculum before attending the school and my husband and I both have fallen in love with the way it is training our children’s minds to really think about knowledge and to discern is really crucial to making it as disciples of Jesus in this day.=

“The university-model has been a blessing. It took the guesswork out of curriculum for us, a very intimidating part of traditional homeschool for me. It’s also provided more time to spend with our kids and more flexibility with our schedules.”

“It is a blessing to be a part of a school community that truly helps us to foster our son’s love of leaning and character growth!”

We have had a wonderful experience at The Classical Academy! The university schedule fits our family culture so well: we cherish the time that we have with our son on his home days as we partner with the Academy in his education, appreciate the visibility that we have over his lesson plans and curriculum, and value the quality instruction that he receives in the classroom on campus days.

What Parents are Saying…

“Some mothers cry on the first day of school when they send their kindergartners off for 40 hours a week, for someone else to get their child’s best waking hours and exert undivulged influence on them for the next 13 years. At our first day at The Academy though, I cried because I couldn’t believe how blessed we were that God lead us to this school. The message and mission here is clear. Classical, Christian, collaborative. Truth, goodness, beauty. “
“I cannot stress how much I appreciate the discernment and sensible approach with how everything is done. You will not find distracting arbitrary systems or rules here, but a focus on a well planned, meaningful, and truly collaborative experience between school and parents in providing an exceptional Christian education for children. Yes, students are inheriting the richness of soul which comes from the classical traditions and wisdom, God’s truth and beauty, and family values that have been passed on to us from generations long ago and are still alive today. Just as prudently, the children are also learning how to become good stewards of this knowledge, so they will one day be able to pass the torch themselves, and share this wealth with a world in desperate need of its reminders. “

“Our family has flourished in the rigorous academics and strong Christian foundation of the school. “

Choosing the Academy has shored up our foundation and given us a clear vision of the graduates we hope to celebrate at the end of high school. The Board and Administration of the school lead with humility and love- steeped in prayer. The teachers are professional, grace-filled, and intentionally build relationship with their students and draw the best out of them. The academics are rigorous and refining in such a way that the heart is drawn in to see and savor the good, the true, and the beautiful. We are thankful and proud to be a part of this academic institution that is creating thoughtful and compassionate leaders.