Do you have a middle school student in 7th or 8th grade? Do you feel the transition point in their academics happening and wonder how and if you can meet all of your child’s logic stage needs? Do you worry about more specialized subject areas and being able to provide the necessary environment for the benefits of classical education to begin working themselves out in your child’s life? Don’t give up homeschooling because you’ve reached middle school! This is where it all begins to come together and we can help!

Statistically, many people give up home education around middle school and for multiple reasons. Some may feel inadequate to teach, or some may feel their child is becoming increasingly resistant to lessons, and some may feel concerned that they can’t prepare their child for college. Some read all the great benefits of classical education during the middle and high school years, such as public speaking and engaging discussions across an integrated curriculum, but just can’t fathom how to create that in the home education environment.

The logic stage (7th-8th grade) is where students embark on how to do research and begin digging for information. They begin using their core knowledge to understand how facts are related to each other. They are asking why questions and enjoy vigorous discussions. It is a great opportunity to discuss how ideas have affected our culture and they will begin to realize that ideas have consequences. Parents sometimes find that all these skills, opportunities, and demands of a logic school student are difficult to carry out in a home education-only setting. Parents may find it difficult to devote the time necessary to really glean all that the logic stage has to offer. They may find it hard to stimulate vigorous discussions and integrate ideas across the curriculum. They may also find it difficult to create the peer and teacher discussion forum where much of the logic stage learning takes place. At The Classical Academy we have found that families want to continue home educating but also want to be able to provide these valuable learning opportunities without giving away 30-40 hours of their week to the traditional school model. Many families are looking for the best of home and school, and at The Classical Academy it’s what we specialize in providing.

The Classical Academy offers logic school families an opportunity to go beyond the enrichment day found in the grammar school (K-6th). TCA provides families with the help and support to walk confidently into their child’s logic school home education program by partnering with excellent, qualified teachers in their child’s education.

Worried you’re going to miss those great discussions that begin happening in the curriculum at the logic stage? Worried you can’t recreate the environment needed for your student learning the proper art of argument and logic? Worried you are getting into specialized subjects you are unsure you can or want to teach? Do you want the burden lifted of planning and navigating the upper homeschooling years, but still want to be the main driving influence in your student’s life and education? Come join TCA!

Students enrolled in The Classical Academy Logic School receive professional instruction on school campus two days a week (Tuesdays and Thursdays) and study at home under the tutelage of their parents the remaining days. By attending and completing our collaborative school to home program students will finish their academic year with full school year credits in humanities (history, literature, and theology), writing and grammar, Latin, logic, science, art and art appreciation.

Do you have questions about our Logic school program? We would love to answer them! Fill out our contact form and we would be happy to assist you!